Media Maison: About Our Corporate Culture


Never having worked for anyone and always having been an entrepreneur — I really didn’t know about corporate culture.

Treat your employees like family, encourage, if you can’t afford big benefits then give little ones which mean something. Maybe a dinner for two or movie tickets or a paid day off and give criticism with kindness. I was told that if you do that and you are always fair then hopefully employees will treat your business like their own media maison.

I have tried to do that at Media Maison. From office surprise lunches, celebrating everyones birthday, great Christmas parties and a paid week off between Xmas and New Year. I have tried to create a casual workspace and an environment where from interns to senior staff everyone learns something and has fun in the process.

While we don’t have ping pong tables and free dry cleaning services — we do our best and I believe it’s appreciated. We even have an office fish. But is it really about the stuff? Or it how you treat people?

It’s hard to retain great employees these days — people leave for a variety of reasons and it sucks. But we realize that we are a chapter in an employee’s career — and hope that it’s a long one — but one never knows.

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