Natural Treatment For Warts – Use Them at Home!


Warts are uneven pale lumps that can grow on the skin, sometimes in large clusters and in many different areas of the body. Warts are an extremely common problem and have been rated as one of the five most prevalent conditions today.

There are many different health problems arising today and people are becoming more and more aware of finding better ways to treat them. This has led to the increase in alternative and natural medicine options Wartrol Reviews. There are now many ways in which you can treat your warts in the comfort of your own home, using natural products.

Warts are more likely to grow on the fingers than anywhere else. One of the treatments you can use in this case is to put duct tape over them and leave it for a few days. You will find that the lack of air circulation will slowly cause the wart to go away.

The pulp and juice of fresh garlic can also be rubbed over the wart. Once you have applied the treatment, place some bandaging over it to make sure that it stays in place overnight. You will see in the morning that a little blistery swelling will have appeared. This will go down by itself so you just need to keep it clean and leave it alone. Repeat the process every day for around 14 days and your warts should disappear.

Sliced raw potato can be placed onto the wart a number of times every day. This is very good treatment that works well. You do need to be persistent though and continue to do this over the course of 2-3 weeks.

One final option is to use the juice from raw onion. This is a very strong solution that kills the wart virus within the skin and encourages blood flow in the area which helps it to heal.

So we have described some natural wart treatments that you can try for yourself at home. Keep persisting and trying different methods until you find the one that is effective on your warts.

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