An Overview of the Porch Potty – Indoor Grass for Dogs


This review is about the bigger sized (2′ x 4′ grass place), ” Standard Porch Potty, bought for my dad dog. They sell another version known as the Porch Potty Premium, that’s precisely the exact same thing, just with pop up sprinklers. I use a watering can, and it functions just too.

It sent with the drain hose and catch basin, in addition to using a tiny fire hydrant along with an instruction booklet. I also chosen to the Training Sod in 40 percent off with the concept that it’d make training a puppy who was accustomed to going potty outside a bit simpler.

The shipment came in two boxes, a very big box with all the plastic foundation, artificial grassand drainage hose, catch basin and instruction booklet. The next box, that was fairly hefty, contained the true sod. The foundation is in 1 piece, thus there’s absolutely no assembly required. Set-up was as straightforward and fast as required to unpack the box, then place the catch basin below the hole at the middle of the foundation and then roll out the sod – only a couple of minutes Fake grass for dogs.

Sad to say, the sod came in bad condition. It was green around the edges, but past that it had been brown and limp. I attempted watering it and waiting a couple of days in order for it to spring back, but it was pretty much dead. I contacted Porch Potty’s Client Care about the issue and they immediately replied, sending out a brand new bit of sod.

The issue with the sod can be found in the transport, since it takes approximately 5 times to reach South Florida. It had sent on a Monday and did not make it here before late Friday, so it sat at a UPS Hub before Monday. I’m sorry to mention that the next shipment’s times were the same, thus we received yet another piece of wilted, essentially dead sod. I asked about a quicker shipping method than Standard Ground support, but was advised it would cost roughly $80, which can be out of the question to get a bit of grass.

Since I had been training an older dog that had been accustomed to going potty out, I attempted to utilize the sod because it smelled like the outside. The puppy (a Scottie combination about 25 pounds) jumped right on it about and lied down as it was a brand new mattress! I worked for 2 weeks, even utilizing the leash as we had been heading to get a true walk but nothing could convince her to do her business on the brand new potty. I tried with a bathroom training attractant so she might find the notion that it was fine to go urine there, but also failed for this puppy. I tried the half dead sod along with the artificial grass, but neither worked.

Thus, so as to find out whether it had been the item, or the puppy, I chose to deliver the Porch Potty over to my terrace to use in my Pug. She’s been educated to go on paper inside once the weather is awful, in addition to moving outdoors. Before throwing the sod, I decided to give it one more try. After taking my puppy into the porch, it took less than five minutes to allow her to go pee on the Porch Potty. She took to it immediately!

The following test was to determine if she’d go to the artificial grass – because getting bud in good shape appears to be out of the question. She didn’t hesitate to go to the artificial marijuana!

To sum up the good and bad sides for this Item, in my estimation:

The great –

The size is larger than any other I could find (little dogs such as space also).

The drainage system is fine – although the catch basin is big and sturdy.

The artificial turf was soft and nice, with pre-punched drainage holes.

It’s quite simple to wash.

The bad –

The foundation is somewhat flimsy towards the center, so I don’t see it working nicely for a 120 pound puppy (as they assert). The 25 pound dog I attempted it got a bit spooked when walking across the center, nevertheless my 15 pounds dog was just nice.

The actual training sod is on the pricey side, and might not arrive at the very best condition based on where you reside in the U.S.

The cost seems a bit high for what you buy. It might have been quite upsetting to devote that sort of money without having it work out. I am just happy I bought it for a single dog, understanding mine will likely take to it did not work out.

The fire hydrant appeared small and a little silly. Since this wasn’t analyzed on a male puppy, I am not certain how it’d work out.

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