Living in The Gambia


I like travel across West Africa, notably across reluctantly rich areas blending nature with modern infrastructural progress. Both my atmosphere and road travels about that ECOWAS sub region in the previous 15 years was both enlightening and advancing to me personally. I’ve been culturally bombarded with diversity in languages, culture, faith, food, design, climate, and economic existence, fauna and flora digital marketing training in lagos.

The information acquired, cannot be measured in monetary terms and conditions, also I shall suggest this informative excursions to our youngsters to allow them love and tolerate different civilizations, thereby reducing disputes and conflicts among neighboring states. Everybody else, I’ve written and maintained a few conventions on living and working in Ghana roughly 11 decades back.

To day, the success story of Ghana is clear to this and all country Ghana, has emerged as among the greatest markets in the sub region. Again, iam introducing still another emerging amazing market for you personally, The Gambia.

Before the entire world flooding here, and you’re going to be left outside, why don’t you just take my counsel seriously and spend money, work, holiday or live in this gorgeous country to have exactly what I’m referring to? I adore this tranquil country blessed with gullible men and women. Gambians welcome one with all natural inspirational smiles. The Gambia is bounded around by an ancient river, abundant with natural resources of sea foods, creatures and healing abilities.

By the pure splendor of Makasutu Village, ancient web sites of Kunta Kinteh village, James Island, Kachikally Crocodile swimming pool, Kanilai Farm, and also therefore many different internet sites to the shores and people, you may scarcely wish to leave. Little miracle, there are so many replicate tourists coming into The Gambia for the last 10-15 years whom I’ve met. At the shore, the great thing about the Sea, the sunlight and sand will remind one of Mother Africa.

Just about the investment climate, how very positive and invest or friendly.With a reliable market with one digit inflation rate and money exchange of US$1.0= GMD26 (As at 9th April, 2010). The Gambia is a populous nation with lots of immigrants in West Africa, Europe, America, Middle East and Asia forever residing as investors, dealing together with different NGOs, several retired investors while many more have been engaged in importation businesses and possessed several shopping malls.The Gambia can be dwelling to volunteers, investors, professionals following their own livelihood, and holiday manufacturers who’ve left this tranquil country their destination. Keep reading! Alsamadeh!

Here, you can search for basic foods such as fish, vegetables, meat, clothings, jeweleries and style accessories. The natives welcome individuals who have natural smiles after ditching the religious greetings: “Asalamalekun”, significance, and peace be unto you. Traditionally, the Gambian women goto sell daily to buy things to cook.They is visible with all the plastic baskets together with holders thronging into the crowded markets to go shopping for fresh fish, vegetables, meat and have some time to encircle eachother requesting after each others’ families, connections and prepare upgraded concerning current social events along with also other women gossips. A number of the elites, but would rather search in departmental stores across Kairaba Avenue, and buy foods in huge amounts to store in your home.

Mini-markets, or that which some predict supermarkets are allover the Greater Banjul area competing with all the standard markets. That is generally a lengthy banana-shaped clay oven roasted bread that’s ordinarily hauled on bikes by the providers early each early morning, mid afternoon and sunset moment. I like buying thisparticular, when fresh, it’s tender and much more inviting compared to the rancid hardened and un-inviting ones. The bread is normally sold with a great spread of butter, mayonnaises, poultry, egg and simmer using jumbo or Maggi sauce predicated on the purchaser’s preferences.

There’s additionally “Senfu”, that includes a crumb nature and substantially cheaper, being sold for D3 to get an entire roll. But, I observed that the “Senfu” is less fulfilling as the “Tapalapa” that may help keep me going for your afternoon, just like a plate of “Fufu”, that could be that the energiser for some Nigerians, Ghanaians and Sierra- Leoneans at The Gambia. The neighborhood “Fufu” unlike the other people within Ghana and Nigeria are constructed of “Saddam Rice”, since it’s known locally, by squeezing it into cooked and powder to some great glue in a kettle. Typically the very widely used lunch meal, one of Gambians, could be that the jollof rice, also locally called ” Benechin”. I like the Gambia break fast meal of “Thura Girthe”, that will be very full of protein. This is an assortment of well-intentioned rice cooked together with milled groundnut and eaten using a spread of yoghurt “Sour Milk”.

Small sets of between 5 8 folks usually are seen eating out of precisely the exact same bowl, and yet, as soon as a visitor looks, he or she’s beakoned to still combine them and share out of it. This could be the authentic love, I to watch anywhere. If you imagine there’s not any free meal everywhere, then you are wrong; visit The Gambia! This explain the main reason behind very non or low offense speed. Atleast, a dinner meal is ensured for anybody residing in The Gambia. Food is shared, so nobody goes home hungry. The ladies also waste a whole lot of food by always coordinating a-lot expecting people to combine them if working out their meals. They pack the rice meals at large bowls that are large with a pay and wrap it into a conventional manner using cloth, which can shield the meals out of spilling and continue their own husbands in their various working places so they can consume with coworkers. Some times, they move traveling long distances, so to deliver the foods, such as, for instance, a family group surviving in Lamin and the husband employed in Serrekunda.


Friday is half a day. The Majority of Gambians are all Muslims, and they proceed to the Friday Special prayers from the day. Even though, the “African American” concept remains commonplace among the individuals, that is not uncommon with the us government employees, and the private industry is way better. Most acute business appointments begin out from 9am, despite the fact that, that they have been scheduled for 8am.

The significant reason sometimes for coming to the office late, is often because of unavailability of commercial vehicles to transfer workers with their own various workplaces. But at workplaces, Gambians don’t neglect to choose their Chinese green tea called ” Atire”.


There can be numerous playgrounds which should never be maintained idle as a result of those teeming youngsters that religiously play and train daily games, particularly in the evenings after school or work. In the same way, on week ends, very first part of the morning, you will see everybody else playing or exercising with the game that they love many; football.

The discussions on the majority of these young ones that constitute half of the nation’s populace relies on the European games.

There are lots of Football Viewing centers which are producing a lot of money revealing the live games to the majority of Gambian. Though, a few of these young ones may not understand the backing of Nigeria, they frequently tell me it’s Lagos, however they undoubtedly understand all of the European Club Managers, original line springs and transports of these critical players, maybe not to discuss the most recent scores from the premiership or tournament.

The Gambia’s domestic teamalso called the “Scorpion” is loved and you dare not to mention anything bad against that team to be able to not incur the anger of my football fans. A loss in game after “Scorpions” drama, will turn the whole country to a tomb yard, “a mourning period”. For that reason, to socialize with Gambians is indeed simple, simply get a football topic!


The climatic circumstances of The Gambia is marginally distinct from other ECOWAS states. There’s but a single cycle of rain that begins around June and finishes throughout October. It’s typically hot throughout the intervening phases, unlike other states that undergo cold periods.

Nevertheless, the current weather adventures inconsistent changes occasionally. The beaches are clean and supply succor to seeing tourists who are looking to feel the sweetness of sunlight, the ocean and the sand of The Gambia.

There are lots of beaches to go to. By Banjul shore to Palma Rima, Senegambia and around Sanyang. There are so many personal beaches across online. Many white tourists called “Toubabs” usually are welcome in those shores which have captivating conventional pubs using natural juice, canned beverages, desserts and exceptional packages for people.

Even the menace of all “bumsters” have already been curtailed and there are tourist authorities patrolling the majority of the busy shores to dissuade the “unsolicited friends”. The shores are surrounded by virtually all Gambians throughout short term periods or throughout major musical shows or concerts.


A tourist coming The Gambia around Easter or Christmas will presume all Gambians are Christians, with all the party and partying. In the same way, round the Muslim festivals of “Koriteh or even Tobaski” provides you the belief that there’s not any only Christian in the city.

This can be the diversity and beauty of this Gambian tranquility and hospitality of different religions at The Gambia. The people today love fantastic music.

The ladies, both old and young, love dance. The exact physical joys of kicking and leaping the atmosphere is not uncommon and that I often wonder where the females obtain the additional energy and strength out of. Some teenage boys which aren’t utilized to those dances, don’t challenge these women in a dance contest, whenever they don’t need to get hospitalized.

The entertainment sector is thus very vibrant. A lot of men and women curl up by visiting Nigerian, Senegalese and Ghanaian dwelling videos. There are many video rental shops to decide on the hottest Nigerian films out of.

With the exception of ECOWAS nationals, which are allowed to perform freely in a few essential government businesses such as Education and Judiciary, additional nationals are merely permitted to function as jelqing and need to experience a scrutiny and also get approval by the law section, until they may be permitted to do the job well with the us government.

But, investors are permitted to create within their own work force, given that they comply by the immigration laws of getting a work/residential license. Openings exist all year round for qualified educators at Senior secondary schools all around the nation.

The majority of the vacancies are often full of Nigerians, Ghanaians, Senegalese, Sierra-Leoneans, Liberians and also a few of additional ECOWAS nationals.

Even though, the personal institutes remuneration is greater compared to the us government cover scale. The majority of the secondary schools at the states are in demand of educators, many educators rather would rather move to the metropolitan cities leaving the rural villages without even qualified instruction force.

Government accredited schools remuneration package for non-Gambian educators are between D3,500-D4,000 per move (Morning or day) based upon the entrance level experience and eligibility. The secret schools cover between D4,500-D10,000, based upon the faculty and connection with their educator.

Most schools prefer educators who have assembled “Gambian experience”, significance, they will need to have educated from The Gambia for a long time to comprehend the device. Joining both changes means more cash. Most government schools want to pay for whole wages for the afternoon shift and half wages for the day shift. There are additional several chances of income-earning, by coordinating study classes to your students after closure of faculty from a few educators. Most educators regularly switch faculty to people paying longer, and every semester witnesses a mass ramble of educators round.

Linguistics and sciences would be the favorite issues frequently in sought after.
ECOWAS qualified educators (M.Sc, B.Sc & HND holders at the areas in the list above) usually are used in secondary schools in The Gambia.

Other specialists wanted to operate from the private industries are:

Inch. Lawyers using LL.b degree which have successfully finished Law school and predicted to Bar to operate as

3. Skilled Advertisers.
5. Automobile Technicians.
1 2.
1 3. Trainers in exceptional abilities & vocations.
14. Cottage Industry setup coaches ( Body ointments, soaps, cartons, shoe polish etc..)

The financial industry has seen a phenomenal growth along with more banks linking the group recently, bringing the whole amount of banks into two from The Gambia. The majority of those Nigerian banks are checking divisions and certainly will be needing more staff.

Even though, it’s much cheaper to engage the natives compared to expatriate by the banks, on account of the exceptional taxation taken care of not hiring Gambians. Even the Non Governmental Organizations, NGOs have been allowed to create within their own employees.

Volunteers are also welcome at The Gambia. For holidaymakers, I’ll recommend seeing this small but one of a kind country for people searching of a more Peaceful, Affordable and Memorable African Retreat (PAMAR!))



The us government real time investment in most industries, special care is, nevertheless, directed at Agriculture due to the value of food security to almost any state.

ECOWAS taxpayers like free movement of goods and persons over the 16 countries obstruct, the essential funding required to re locate into the Gambia to work, live, buy or vacation is much less than that which must repay into different ECOWAS states. With the power tariffs decreasing (by virtue of this government initiative), ” NAWEC, the power company does her very best to make sure stable supply of power and lots of businesses solely count upon this stable power source.

Incidences of custody strike have become rare. I never have noticed or see or hear about armed robbery strikes within the previous six decades. I just read in one of those papers, a couple of days, about such strikes in the states several decades ago. Petty mobile phone theft usually are common.

The home houses are cheap, and also rents of you to 3 weeks progress obligations, are all required. Individuals are warm and hospitable. For as few as D500 a month, an area could be rented round the crowded areas such as Brikama, Latrikunda, Lamin,Tabokoto, Wellingara and Coastal road places.

Even the 2-bed room apartments with all the amenities moves for between D1,500-D2,500 a month in these types of areas based upon the final taste and closeness to the busy highways. ECOWAS taxpayers may go and enter in the united states with chances to start tiny businesses.

For all these shrewd residents while in the nation, you can find lots of businesses to select from and perform seamlessly within this investment favorable nation. Anybody arriving into The Gambia for the very first time, needs to first of all prepare and planyourself, knowing things direction to go and where you can keep and having sufficient details on the subject of the culture and business climate.


The particular regions, shrewd investors, can hurry right into to spend currently, from our comprehensive research findings are:.
A) Setting up an exclusive University with real estate campus to entice most of ECOWAS taxpayers.
H) Natural Juice Candles mill ( Fruits like mangoes( orange, lime and so forth abound).
I) Fresh Flower manufacturing and export.

There are additional 90 businesses we’ve researched to become potential immediate money earners for shrewd investors to choose on. Carefully ask for a thorough job profile onto this particular. The Gambia Investment Promotion and Free Zones Agency, (GIPFZA) welcome shareholders using exceptional offers of taxation aid, government aid and also non-bureaucratic processing of mandatory documents to permit fast investment and setup at The Gambia.

To get a fair notion of the business climate, so I also urge that most prospective investors browse the most current business directory (The Gambia Business Directory).

Even the Gambia, though small, however, comes with a solid market with two commercial banks, four GSM businesses, a fantastic number of air companies plying the sub region and the surface world. You can find a lot more than five daily papers, approximately eight radio channels and lots of hotels of global standards including the 5star Sheraton Hotel.

Clean, fresh and clean pipe tankless water can be found to the majority of homes 24-hrs un interrupted.

Communication and online services are somewhat cheaper compared to most other nations. The expense of starting a business in The Gambia is much cheaper both at the brief term and long haul. The actual estate business is enjoying a wonderful flourish with 30% yield annual on investments, and also the Meltdown occurrence isn’t readily evident from The Gambia.

The Gambia is just a tourist destination and also replicated visitors are normal within this amazing and peace-loving grinning shore of The Gambia. Even though, The Gambia is a taxation based market, the federal government makes substantial profits from Tourism and exportation of agricultural products such as Groundnut, Fishes, Cotton and oils that are solid.

It’s compulsory for every single resident to possess a TIN number(Tax Identification Number) until a bank accounts can be started. New buildings have been coming up each day plus it’s normal sight,to see the majority of the homeowners advertising their own mobile contacts for people interested in leasing or renting those possessions out of top rise buildings at Senegambia axis, Kairaba, Fajara, West Field, Tallinding, Tabokoto, Abuko, Lamin, Yundum etc..

Gambians at diaspora are racing home to spend money on such a high producing real estate industry. A guest which endure seen the country one year ago, will observe an extraordinary gap within this infrastructural progress. The Gambia is a sterile nation, specially with the debut of the daily cleaning exercises, also called “SETSETAL”, and it is a distinctive cleansing day for all of us over the final Saturday of this month between the hours of 8-1pm and then there’s free movement.

Municipal officials move around to guarantee the wastes are properly disposed and ensure compliance with regulations, that most shops and businesses all be shut without the movement of commercial vehicles, even before close of the cleansing work.

Health wise, it’s secure to stay in The Gambia, as medical delivery process is very productive and well built with all the greatest health employees in The entire world. There are many different health centres, well dispersed round the country using ambulances standing by to immediately exude crises to Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital, RVTH, Banjul where complicated cases usually are accepted.

Traffic coming to the very first time, so, are advised to choose the proper vaccinations advocated. Perhaps not using a legal Yellow Card can run you a lot of money in fines you’re going to be asked to Pay!

Medical care is free to Gambians, but the enrollment card that’s D5 only. ECOWAS taxpayers are, nevertheless, necessary to cover cost of hospitalization and treatment, depending upon the therapy. Tourist seeing The Gambia are counseled to Own a Travel Insurance if seeing

Transport within the nation is cheap. Moving from 1 place to another is fairly simple. There are 3 kinds of advertisement road transport. One, could be that the industrial Bus, which just allow max of 3 passengers onto a row that is suitable, unlike four to arow in a lot of different nations. Such buses move round the significant destinations such as Banjul into Serrekunda (D6), Banjul into Tabokoto (D10), Banjul into Brikama (D15), Serrekunda into Senegambia (D5) etc..

The next category is that the green and yellow colored crane which take people for D5 a dip or bagging services for many vacationers and sailors, known as “Town Trip”. The previous category, will be the green branded and painted “Tourist Taxis” for tourists from and into the airport, hotel spaces, many beaches and historical websites for fresh visitors. They have been costlier compared to yellowish ones that are painted.

Except if it’s essential, 1st time people are, nevertheless, encouraged in order to stay clear of going out throughout the rush-hours, such as 7-8am and 4-6pm, specially if commuters are moving to or coming from work. By Tabokoto, Lamin, West field, Serrekunda and Brikama at the afternoon to Banjul and coming back home from the day is definitely very busy and expensive to just take a cab. The Busstops usually are curable and the traffic disorderly around those phases.

There are lots of well coordinated tour operators using luxury airconditioned buses to select from and into the airport all tourist and visitors which arrange their excursions through them. In addition they partner with the majority of hotels on trips to historical websites and round the cities.

There neighborhood ferry services accessible to move people around the River Gambia. Visitors may come into the nation either from property through The Gambian boundary with Senegal in Hamdallah, or by Guinea and Cassamace, Senegal throughout Basse. By air is by way of the only airport in Yundum. Even the Banjul International Airport, among the finest from the sub region with the longest run way and contemporary oyster facilities installed.

The airport isn’t consistently travelers and busy should always inform a person to select them at the airport, particularly during the evenings if commercial activities are all low. But, tourist flights are available anytime for between D500-D800 based on the exact distance, usually between 15-30km from the airport.