Nigeria’s Senators Versus Nigeria’s Corruption War


“Senators Dare Buhari,” said the headline of a post which I had the chance to learn at The Sun Newspaper of Nigeria, dated September 2 1, 2015. I predict it mis-fortune since it did a critical damage for my pride like a Nigerian. Yes really; I am very embarrassed for a Nigerian some times with a few of the goingson from the nation. I talk about this apparent dearth of ethics at a “Hallowed Chamber” of the National Parliament. I talk about our senators and also their apparent Counter-War contrary to Nigeria’s current Anti-corruption War Get Summoners War mod now.

The Sun article said, simply: ’50 Senators from across the political split fulfilled and solved Sunday night (20/09/2015) to shield the Senate under the direction of Saraki out of that which they call “incursion” by the things they call “a cabal” from the world’s ruling party APC.’ With embarrassing audacity, many of his colleagues declared: “We shall swim or sink together with Saraki… he is our president, even in prison”

There is no in-between!

Our anti-corruption agencies have finally woken

from their politically-induced slumber to fight corruption in our nation, for the obvious reason that President Buhari’s stance against corruption has empowered and emboldened them. Now the problem is that some of our leaders and politicians, their benefactors and beneficiaries, want to kill this revolution. Yes, indeed; they don’t even seem to bother to give a thought to some of the things that they say and do before they say or do them. I speak of Nigeria’s irrational “solidarity” syndrome. We commonly miss-define or miss-apply the word solidarity. For instance, some of us see nothing wrong in pledging solidarity to a convicted thief.

There is a natural presumption, or deduction, that anybody who openly supports a thief is also a thief. It is absolutely logical, and it is not a Nigerian deduction either; it is a human phenomenon in all societies of the world. Indeed, if we do not make such deductions it would mean that our minds are not functional. So, I often wonder why some of our politicians and leaders openly support and celebrate alleged and convicted looters. They call it solidarity. Solidarity to what, I ask? Solidarity to thievery? Some even pledge solidarity to suspected murderers! Do they think of the message that they send to the public about themselves? Sure, you do have the right to pledge “solidarity” to an alleged looter; but also remember that the public has the right to presume that you are supporting your own kind, and a majority of us do think that way! As they say: show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are. Yes indeed; an Igbo proverb says that “He that pulls fire-wood with rodents crawling around it in his dwelling will be encouraging that the lizards to some celebration.” If you know that you are not corrupt and you don’t want to be presumed corrupt by the public, then think twice before you pledge your “solidarity” to the wrong people!

The trending “solidarity” is by some of our “Distinguished Senators” in our “Hallowed Chamber” who are openly, audaciously, leading a disgraceful fight against our anti-corruption war. They have pledged “unflinching solidarity” to a man accused of looting our treasury. They have never investigated the man to ascertain his innocence, but they have virtually pronounced him innocent, and supported his disrespect to our constitutionally established Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) when he was summoned to a trial. The senators actually gave press conferences to announce that they held meetings “to float” on how to thwart the laws of the land that they are sworn to uphold, in solidarity to Senate President Saraki on allegation of corruption. In line with my presumption-argument, rational Nigerians now have the right to presume that the “series of solidarity” has to do with guilty-conscience amongst senators, and their fear that the corruption war may consume more senators. I call it Buhari Fever! One of the senators sighted at the venue of one of the ‘save-Saraki’ meetings was sincere enough to admit this apprehension. I saw it myself on TV.

Comparing our senators to their counterparts in the global community, I cite the American society where I grew up as a man, lived and practiced for many decades. What would the American Parliament do in a situation similar to our Saraki’s corruption saga? On the matter of solidarity; any American senator that is drunk or stupid enough to show the Nigerian-style solidarity to an accused person is committing political suicide, or a temporary comatose at best! An American senator would first verify that the accused person is actually innocent before he pledges solidarity in public. You would then hear him say something like-I stake my reputation on this. But even then, he still would never support the accused to evade trial as our senators did. In other words, an American senator would be very cautious (un-audacious) because Americans tend to hold their public officers accountable for their words, deeds, and attitudes. It is common for Nigerian politicians to pledge “unflinching solidarity” to supposes whom they actually believe to be likely or completely guilty. They usually do not care when we assume these to be thieves too-they may maintain their ranks, no matter. They realize that Nigerians aren’t mutually complicated to kill the livelihood of politicians without integrity-until today, this really is! This can be topic for yet another day.