South Indian Actresses – The Hottest Ones


Southern Indian theater includes of those films of several languages and lots of genres. South films can be in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada or even Mallu languages. South Indian actresses are regarded as some of the latest ones and in certain ways; they compete directly with their Bollywood counterparts both due to their oomph and their acting abilities. Here’s a lowdown on the best five actresses that have mastered the theater.

Shriya – She had been one of the reigning queen of Tamil and Telugu cinema. She began her career with Ishtam and proceeded to behave in dozens of films. Her notable films comprise Sivaji The Boss, Nuvve Nuvve and Mazhai. Following a successful career she tried her luck in Bollywood but she couldn’t find considerably successful there. Afterwards she returned to her home gardening, south Indian theatre and is presently performing a few films there Hina Khan.

Nayantara – This south Indian actress is credited with starting the trend of bikini-acts in Telugu and Tamil cinema with her film Billa. Actually she shot to fame following this film. Her superb trendy flicks include Boss, Vallavan and Ghajini. She had been captured in controversy when a few photos of Nayantara kissing her costar Simbu were made public.

Sneha – She’s called homely beauty of Tamil display due to her girl-next-door appearances and functions in nearly all of the movies. This south Indian actress has done in each the languages and each possible genre. In a coming picture she’s gone to get an image makeover because she’s playing with a tough cop. Her hits include Inba and Pandi.

Namitha – She’s the voluptuous siren that has captured the dream of thousand in India and other nations. Based on Google, Namitha has been the most searched word on phones 2008. Namitha Kapoor is known more for her skin series than her acting abilities. Despite being blessed with an oversize figure she’s mesmerized her lovers in each film. Her fashion could be assessed from the fact that her lovers are keen on creating a temple in her title and worship because her goddess!

Anushka – She’s just another buxom celebrity of Tamil and Telugu films. Anushka is famous for her cultural sex appeal. She’s largely done glamorous characters but at a current film Arundhati she played an extremely challenging role. Arundhati was super struck and made Anushka among the most popular actresses.

Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Mallu actresses are extremely beautiful.