Using Social Media – Marketing Your Brand As an Entrepreneur


Several designers asked me to help enlarge on the subject of social media marketing with a couple of hints, in order that they can “re-vamp” or better enhance their online brand presence

I’m delighted to talk about some special instances, however please bear in your mind, I am not a specialist or expert with this issue. This post is led at marketers such as myself who try and utilize sociable media marketing as a piece of these organization advertising objectives.

I utilize tools like FB, LinkedIn and Pinterest, finding them tremendously useful if I am encouraging my own services, to produce a meeting statement, provide upgrades or simply just to join and network internet with other likeminded individuals. Please, I beg people on the market, can not send me infinite rants on the “science of social media” or even ” theories that I should consider”. Entrepreneurs want bare-knuckle solutions, that they might try to execute readily for their own company. As an alternative, please let us just all agree that the requirements everybody else will change depending on the sort of business.

1) Determine that societal networking platform(s) works best for your own objectives.

This might seem obvious, but a lot of designers I see will put themselves on any and every stage only because they believe they’ll soon be located by everybody else in any respect. Normally, their end result is hardly any followers in their own page, or no direct strikes into their site or site. Not to say they don’t have a opportunity to follow up with their

presence and quit with all of them together or grant the obligation with their most recent internet savvy intern.

What I’d recommend would be to look at each stage and why would you ought to use it only because you’d rather consider a advertisement in a trendy printing book. Undoubtedly, you’ll not obtain the complete page ad in each and every kind of “woman’s’ book” because you want to reach female consumers.

Perhaps that may give you a fresh idea to use in your marketing.

2) Dedicate 30 minutes, once a week, starting out with your tool.

Social media is about engaging people directly and consistently, but also be aware it takes time. You will not get hundreds or thousands of followers in a month or even two months. You cannot buy followers another misconception. You must think quality over quantity if you want real followers aka potential customers that will want to connect with your brand online and eventually offline at your next event, product launch or trunk show.

Think of your social media as a “window” to your store — people may walk by and eventually decide come in (aka follow you ) but you have to make the consistent effort. As an entrepreneur you have many responsibilities, and working on your social media presence for 30 minutes a week, should be part of your marketing initiatives.

3)Take advantage of features, that can assist you with making social media a task not a chore. Here’s two small action items you can try tomorrow!

The Facebook post scheduler. Its a great way to post regularly. You can schedule out your posts ahead of time – for the week or the month with exact times. Its a great way to promote a sale, event and the reminders in timely organized fashion.

Link ALL of your accounts together – I have my FB and Twitter accounts linked, so I can post simultaneously. This way if someone is just on one or the other, I’ve covered my bases. Not to mention, I’m not posting the same updates over and over.

3) Post relevant topics, people and things that relate to your brand image.

i.e.. If you are selling cocktail dresses, then keep your posts relevant to that topic.

Don’t post about a kids’ event or perhaps the latest candies, in the event that you fail to tie it in your new message. Perhaps, I’d as an alternative, customize the article on prom season in a candy color that I am attempting to market. You’ve got to be tactical with each and every post. Non or manual straight every one ought to be a tender reminder about YOU and everything you might be selling.Not your competitors, still another occasion or brand that’ll lead them off from the own page!

I hardly know exactly why, particularly,emerging designer brands will probably discuss still another designer within their own category, (since they presume this will probably soon be draw on their own site), once they’re attempting to advertise their particular set on line. If you become aware of, competitions do not boast concerning having an remarkable new very similar to theirs irrespective of just how bigger or very popular it can be – instead they link into their own message into some thing which keeps you onto the own page. There’s just a thin line between talking trends and fads versus encouraging some one else onto your own gut.

4) Understand perhaps not everybody else is communicates regularly on interpersonal networking. It is perhaps not the ending all effortless marketing and advertising solution for the company.

I’m assuming I can find a good deal of flack for the final point. Yes, sociable media marketing will be here to stay, but understand whether a customer uses it, that one(s) as well as also why. I’ve one high-end very powerful boutique client in a little town in Florida, which uses texts to alarm their customers about earnings, new sets, holidays parties and offers. They found that a number of their clients were so elderly wealthy girls and men that preferred that a private personal signature – via a telephone call and text as opposed to going on the web into a Facebook web page.

Social media is actually a wonderful resource and service for promotion – notably when used properly. Just like whatever that an entrepreneur attempts to add or execute, only realize its not only the savior in the path to wealth. Additionally understand it’s not “free marketing” your own time isn’t free, so take advantage of utilizing it having a good plan.