Master the Tango While You Learn Spanish in Argentina


Many students who have attended a Spanish school in Argentina have found that there are a variety of side benefits to spending time in this country. Any trip to South America is guaranteed to be a culturally enriching experience, not to mention a full social calendar. However, when you add learning the tango to the mix this makes the entire trip all the more memorable.

Spanish immersion programs have substantial advantages over learning the language in a university setting. Class size is an intimate 4 to 7 students, with plenty of individual attention. This is dramatically smaller than many university Spanish classes, which can sometimes have more than thirty students. Classes are 20 hours per week and typically run from one to four months and encompass skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced Corsi di Tango a Roma.

Look for a program that allows you to Add on tango courses when you learn Spanish in Buenos Aires. What would a typical dance schedule look like? Receive tango instruction during two or three weekly lessons. And beyond that you will want to leave time for 3 or 4 nights per week at the milongas, which are the famous tango clubs.

If you are worried about costs, Argentina will have a relatively light impact on your wallet. With a cost of living much lower than in the United States almost everything will be cheaper including food and rent. With that currency exchange leverage you should not be afraid to pay a bit more for quality, for example when you are seeking a place to stay two great neighborhoods to consider are Recoleta and Palermo. While living in these neighborhoods may be $20 or $30 more a week, it is well worth the extra cost to live in one of these beautiful and convenient locales. Getting around is cheap and easy, as inexpensive taxis are everywhere.

Buenos Aires is a vibrant and sprawling metropolis with so much to offer. In between your Spanish and tango lessons, there is a world of activities to explore. The MALBA, widely considered South America’s best art museum, is a must see. Of course, as a world-class city, Buenos Aires is also full of great restaurants, European style cafes and theaters.

Nina Degiacomi, an attendee of Spanish school in Argentina from Switzerland stated, “I took a one month Spanish Course and to be honest, it was one of my best experiences I have ever had. All the teachers are absolutely great, you can learn a lot in just a few weeks. And the school organized great events everyday, like dancing lessons, city tours, weekend trips…I will never forget this time.” There is no doubt that it will be educational, fun and culturally rewarding to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires. The experience of studying and living abroad not only expands personal horizons, but also can lead to new career and life paths. Now just imagine adding, “I learned the tango,” to that already impressive list of accomplishments.