How a logbook loan for emergency repairs could save the day!


We take so many things for granted these days, that we try and put the possibility of anything going wrong to the back of our minds. From central heating systems to hot water boilers, anything could just stop working without any warning. But taking a logbook loan for emergency repairs could help you out when you need it most loan against car.


It might not be the end of the world when your boiler suddenly doesn’t heat your hot water, or your central heating doesn’t come on in the morning. But if you’ve got a family that relies on them, then it’s essential they get repaired and brought back to life as quickly as possible. But unless you’re covered by some kind of warranty or guarantee, it could be a costly exercise.


A safe, fast and easy option

Having no warranty or guarantee means it’s down to you to get whatever’s broken, fixed. And if it’s something you need every day, then time is of the essence. But getting hold of an emergency plumber, boiler or gas central heating engineer is the easy part – paying them for their time, expertise, labour and parts is the hard bit.


If you’re lucky, the problem could be quick and easy to fix. In fact, a repairman could be in and out of your house in 5 minutes depending on the issue. Sometimes, in the worst cases, it could drag on for a couple of days with all sorts of parts needed to get the problem sorted. Either way, they still need to be paid and that could add up to a tidy sum.


If something like that should happen in your home, do you have any funds put to one side that could pay for emergency repairs outright? Not many people do, so rather than reaching for a credit card, you could get yourself a safe, easy and fast logbook loan for emergency repairs.


A loan to suit you

To take out a logbook loan, all you need is your car (that you own without any finance attached to it) and your V5 (logbook) document. If you have both of these, then you just need to contact a trusted and regulated logbook loan provider like Car Cash Point to take you through your application.


Car Cash Point are one of the UK’s leading logbook loan providers, fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. They offer a range of loans that start at just £500 all the way up to £100,000, so any emergency costs can be covered.


As your loan is secured against your car, they don’t need any formal credit checks, so if you’ve had any money problems in the past, you should still be able to get your loan. They have no hidden charges, a low rate of interest and really flexible terms of repayment that actually suit your own income.


Call or apply online

So when that essential something won’t start or doesn’t come on when it should, let the money side of things take care of themselves. Get in touch with Car Cash Point for a logbook loan for your emergency repairs, from 8.00am – 8.00pm Monday to Saturday on 0330 057 8762.


Speak to their friendly advisors to go through the whole, easy process without any jargon, or visit to find out more and apply online.