Get iTunes Cover Art – No More Blank Album Covers For iTunes


These days you cannot experience your iTunes library to the fullest without cover art for your music. By default, many songs have blank album covers, but there is a way to get some iTunes cover art directly through iTunes.

There are three basic methods to get iTunes cover art…

Get Album Artwork Method:

First of all, ensure that you have some music files ready to be cleaned up after you have opened your iTunes. Simply click on the Advanced menu and then select “Get Album Artwork” album covers .

A prompt should appear telling you that information about songs with missing artwork will be sent to Apple. Simply agree to the alert message in order to begin the downloading of artworks. Do not worry if there was no prompt at all, because the artworks will still be added.

The download should begin shortly. On the left part of the play box, you can see a “>” button that you can click until you see the notification that the download is in progress. On the right side is the “x” button that can be clicked to cancel the download.

Once the download has finished, iTunes may tell you that it could not get artwork for some albums. You can click the “+” button beside the total number of notifications in order to see which album artworks could not be found.
The question now remains of how to get iTunes cover art for all of the remaining songs. For this you can first turn to the manual method.

Manual Method:

First, decide which songs you would like to get iTunes cover flow for. Make sure that the songs you have selected have blank album covers. Locating the artwork is the next step. You can find album covers for the songs in your iTunes library from various websites.

Once you already have the cover art for your music, select the songs in the album that have missing cover art by clicking them. Go to the File menu, and then select “Get Info”. The “Multiple Item Information” window should pop up. Drag the cover art you have downloaded into the “Artwork” box. Click the box beside the “Album” field and make sure that all of the songs are under the same album name. Click “OK” and then wait for the cover art to be added to your songs.

TuneUp Method:

Both the Get iTunes cover flow method and manual method listed above may require more effort than you may want to put forth.

The first one, which is the Get iTunes cover artwork method, is an semi-automated way of getting iTunes album covers, but you end up still having missing artwork in your music library.

On the other hand, the manual method requires you to manually locate the album covers of each of the songs that have blank album covers. This means that you could still end up having blank covers if you have not located an album cover for a song.

This is where TuneUp comes to your rescue. For the best solution to getting cover art, TuneUp Media is the best digital music management utility you can use. TuneUp does all of this work for you, and all you have to do is sit back and watch you music library come to life. With TuneUp you can find iTunes cover art automatically while you take care of the more important things in life. Its a must have tool for hardcore music lovers.