Align Your Chakras With The Galactic Tree Of Life


Your Role in the Struggle between good and evil in the history of Planet Earth

I’ve a story to tell you. It might help to describe a great deal of things on your own life but also help provide perspective on the history of Earth. It might alter how you see the transformation Earth Earth is going through today. I had a session years back with customer who had been an extremely wonderful guy but with substantial “shadow” in his entire life. I asked how I would assist him and he said he didn’t understand, the time wasn’t his thought.

I said I’d examine his planetary history to obtain the most crucial information that would assist him to know himself. I moved back into his life at Lemuria, the culture before Atlantis. An angel seem to him stating “we want your aid.” He responded, I am ready to assist, what do you really want? They said exactly what they had was tough and he responded he was ready. They stated a shadow had come across Earth. And spirits were too feeble to take care of the darkness. He repeated he’d assist, what did the angels want from him? They said they had him to take with this shadow as many spirits were too feeble. He responded, I’ll do it. They informed him that it’d be challenging because he wouldn’t “recall” and he would get lost in the shadow. He said he’d do it to others.

Good and Evil On Earth Earth

Widen your own lens and it could allow you to comprehend the violence and battle now on Earth Earth Probably the most crucial feature of your own life in terms of “other people” isn’t that you’re Jewish or French or American or Iranian, possibly the most essential component of you is you’re fro m World Earth and you will find “other people” out there which are “different” and have different goals from than individuals that are out of here. Maybe we really need now to truly know what’s going on persian new year nowruz.

Last Battle Between Dark and Light

We’re in a last battle between dark and light on Planet Earth. We will need to expand our lens to understand who we are and that our true enemies are. We’re multidimensional beings. We’ve got parts of ourselves in many sizes at one time. We’re energetically ordered such as the Tree of Life that is the backbone of the multi dimensional approach. Our personal sacred tree of life is our chakra system. Its centre axis is the back of this tree of your own life, it’s yourHoly Grael, using its funnel like construction in the top drawing off world energies along with a funnel like contour in the base, drawing Earth energies. Regrettably the surface of your tree of life is going to be full of all the energy of Xibalba in the Dark Rift due to the alignments which finishes on December 21, 2012. Regrettably the base of the own Tree of Life, your Holy Grael is prone to the energies out of Xibalba because of the Earths broken Brahmahvara.

December 2012 And Beyond

Who Will take on the shadow in the broken Brahmahvara at the Gulf of Mexico? Who will undertake the shadow which will enter Earth through the super massive black hole that’s aligning Earth Earth now?

Who’ll go to war to process that the violence and conflict that’s pouring onto Earth now? Who’ll kill and primary and be murdered and hurt to protect those people that aren’t powerful enough to process these energies?

When it’s the case that Jerusalem is still the website of the last struggle between dark and light, good and bad, then the folks who opt to transmit the dark energy poured on Earth are sacrificing themselves to many people.

To us they seem to be enemies and therefore are announced so by their own political stances, but the truth is they are a part of this procedure for the end of a cycle on Earth Earth, the preamble to entering the Golden Age. Jerusalem, Israelis, Palestinians, all prepared to fight for every one of those spirits, sacrificing themselves by processing the joys of battle and violence’s in order our spirits could be liberated. And remember Jesus Christ It’s time you understood your command and your own destiny. You’re great, and in case you’ve behaved “badly” it was always with the aim to assist others.

It’s time now to put your weapons down if they’re words or firearms. It’s time to give up your guilt which you weren’t a much better person and see in the deepest level you wanted everything was good for everybody. Don’t attempt and comprehend the particulars of your own life, just know it’s now that you have to really let go and move inside to discover your good and your own power.

It’s never too late to you say you’re sorry, but it’s to yourself which you have to apologize as you haven’t had enough empathy for what you’ve already been through. Stop feeling guilty, stop feeling inadequate and begin now to get your fate and your own wisdom.

Take some time to align with all the main event in human history, the creation of the Holy Tree of Life from the stars. Just take some opportunity to safeguard your inner decoration of Life is aligned with this Sacred Tree.

Everything you could do in order to align your own tree of life system into the SacredTree of Life from the celebrities, Kundalini Mental Yoga will allow you to reach this alignment. And in case you’ve got current problems in your own life, employ Peace Program to fortify your aims. We’re all in this together, and in the deepest level our enemies have helped us. In the deepest levels of lifestyle we are all holding hands, attempting to shake off energies which aren’t ours but that affect us. A number of us were more powerful and took on negative energies to protect the poorer ones. It’s time most of us realize we’ve got an enemy, just it isn’t our fellow person, but external forces we can’t see.