Radiation Therapy of Prostate Cancer


Radiation therapy is just one of the many treatments for prostate cancer. It utilizes high energy particles or rays to eliminate cancer cells. Some of the times, radiation is used to be an initial shield against low-grade cancer which is still restricted in the prostate gland or which has spread to tissues nearby. The curing rates for men with these kinds of cancer are the same as those men undergoing radical prostatectomy. It was also used if cancer was not completely taken away or if it occurs again in the area where the surgery was performed gastric band hypnosis toronto.

The types of radiation therapy are mainly classified into two which are external beam and internal radiation. They are both good methods for curing prostate cancer but the external beam radiation has a lot of long-term information on the effects of its treatment.

External Beam Radiation Therapy

This is where the radiation put an emphasis on the prostate glade from a supply outside of the body. The process actually takes a longer time but it is just the same as to having an x-ray.

Before the treatment commences, the patient should undergo imaging studies like CT scans, MRI scanning or x-rays of the area concerned to find its actual location. External beam therapy can also be utilized to soothing bone pain when cancer is spreading to any certain area of the bone aside from using it as a therapy for the early stage of cancer. Some of their therapies include proton beam therapy, 3D-CRT and MRT.

Internal or Seed Implantation or Interstitial Radiation Therapy

This is where it utilizes “seeds” or small radioactive pellets just like the size of the grain of rice. It is generally used only to men where these pellets are placed into the prostate. They are used to those who are experiencing an early level of prostate cancer which is developing slowly.

The danger of having side effects specifically of the urinary system may elevate for those men who will undergo these therapy yet have prostate transurethral resection or for those who are suffering some urinary abnormalities already. It may even be ineffective to those with who have larger prostates because more pellets may be utilized.

Tests like CT scans or MRI should also be performed to aid in guiding the placement of the pellets. There are certain computer programs that can estimate the amount of radiation needed as well. Either cancer gets less amount of radiation or that normal tissues consume more without these equipments.