Review of the Bounty Hunter Metal Detector


I have unearthed all sorts of valuable finds with my bounty hunter and this happened almost from the minute I switched it on.

Over the years I have found coins from near and distant pasts found in the most unlikely of places. I have also found gold and silver jewelery including watches rings and bracelets, one piece was over 100 years old.

Metal detecting for me is more than just a hobby and now I have started to find some really valuable artifacts, it has also become profitable. Nothing can compare to that excited feeling you get when you hear the sound change on your detector and you start digging not knowing what you will find.

If you want a good all round metal detector the Bounty Hunter Metal Detector should definitely be on your short list. It is great value for money and is ideal for the beginners of all ages.

Here’s what I liked visual metal detector:

The main feature of theses detectors is their relatively light weight. The Tracker IV for instance weighs just 4 pounds with the VLF model is just under at 3.7 pounds. The lightest of them all is the Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector weighing only 2 pounds.
Most models come with headphones and, visual displays.
Terrains, fields beaches, etc omit different frequencies, so the detector has a sensitivity meter, which can be adjusted according to the ground type you are surveying.
They have a great range and come in a variety of different sizes even a small metal detector designed just for kids.
To ensure that you do not waste your time digging up unwanted junk items, most models have a discriminate adjustment which allows you to select the unwanted objects that you don’t wish to see.
They are easy to use when you follow the instruction manual which can be download for free and while on the website I found that there were many forums that specialise in treasure hunting.
The Bounty Hunter’s Tracker IV has a fully submersible coil for wet terrains.
Most models have a 5 year parts and labor warranty.
This is a relatively cheap metal detector but gives real value for money.
There are many great reviews where people are finding valuable archaeology including gold coins and jewelery with a Bounty Hunter metal detector, so if you are looking to get a metal detector, the bounty hunter should definitely be on your short list. Bounty Hunter

Metal Detector Hunter – My Story


Metal discovering what a fantastic pastime. Years past ancient 70’s I had been in a barber shop waiting to find a hair cut and they had any treasure publications around the table. While I was looking During the pages it revealed these men with their metal detectors displaying all of the gold bullion coins, and other artifacts they’d discovered. Well that is all it took I was hooked. Following my hair cut I raced on to the local book store and purchased every magazine on treasure hunting and metal detectors I could locate.

Once I got home I read front to rear each of the magazines twice. My wife came to find out what I had been doing, she gave me one of these looks and walked off, what exactly does she understand. OK Now which kind of metal detector to buy? As I look through those metal detecting magazines there has been allot to pick from. So many unique kinds of metal sensors, a few cheap some go following another mortgage.

Anyhow I move the affordable metal detector course visual metal detector. After all how difficult could this be, wait for a beep and dig up some treasure. Off I go into my regional Wal-Mart with dollar signs in my eyes and fantasies of being in one of these magazines. OK got my brand new metal detector for just forty bucks and return home. Take it from the box begin to read the directions here comes the spouse, she has a glance shakes her head and walks off, go put on a few make-up you frighten me.

After reading the directions and setting up my metal detector with the 1 knob it’d I was prepared to locate some treasure. We lived in a rather older home so that I thought there may be some fantastic things buried in the yard. Following four hours of moving this item and hearing every form of beep attainable I though my home has been assembled on a landfill. My metal detector finds comprised nails, cans, aluminum foil, and rusted iron out. How can this be not one red cent.

My neighbor see me and comes around to find out what I had been doing because my lawn looks like it was bombed with of the holes inside. I show him my metal detector (that he did not even know they existed) and asks what I was doing. I explain how I could about metal detecting and he looked impressed. He reads the directions and we go for a different hour. Same effects, crap. OK fine I reveal my neighbor the publications I’d purchased and carries them home. Look at my bad lawn, clean up all of my metal sensor findings move in and have a beer and try to determine what went wrong.

A couple of hours after my neighbor comes back over all glassy eyed and pumped up and blabbering about metal detectors. Boy is that he hooked. He begins to tell me simply read all of the magazines and also the metal detector I simply bought was crap. That made me feel real good. Anyhow he says lets go to a partnership and purchase a better metal sensor. Will divide everything we locate.

We pick on a Whites metal detector, spent roughly two hundred fifty dollars to your device. All right that has allot more bells and whistles than my one knober. The directions are more comprehensive and informs you exactly what to listen to and just how deep the thing may be and the way to dig without ruining the lawn, trendy. We begin in his lawn because my wife was not entertained that which I didn’t ours.